Roxana Damiescu

Degree in Pharmacy – Pharmacist (Timisoara/Romania)

Research Project: Natural product-based Approaches to Fight the Opioid Crisis




Fiona Antonia Forth

Medical student (University Medical Center of the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz)

Research Project: Communicating Prognosis to Parents in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit: Optimistic vs. Pessimistic (working title)




Jasmin Glock

B.A. in American Studies and Educational Science (Mainz/Germany)

M.A. in American Studies (Mainz/Germany & Dijon/France)

Research Project: Diseases and Disabilities in North-American Gothic Fiction



Fabian Hennig

M.A. in Gender Studies (Berlin)

B.A. in Political Sciences and Gender Studies (Göttingen)

Research Project: Transformations of Masculinity and Politics of Contraception. Male self and body in the discourse on new male contraceptives



Sonja Kleinod

M.A. in Philosophy and Sociology (Frankfurt a. M.)

Research Project: Life in the Anthropocene




Jonas Müller

B.A. in American Studies and Musicology (JGU Mainz/CSU Chico)

M.A. in American Studies (JGU Mainz)

Research Project: Politics of Self-Concept and Ecological Thought in the Climate Crisis



Damla Özkan

B.Ed. in English, Philosophy, Political Sciences (JGU Mainz)

M.Ed. in English, Philosophy, Political Sciences (JGU Mainz)

Research Project: The Medical and Cultural Co-Construction of Mental Health



Victoria Paul

B.A. in Comparative Literature, Philosophy (FU Berlin)

M.A. in Philosophy (University of Oldenburg)

Research Project: The Concept of Chronic Disease on the Basis of Morbus Crohn (working title)



Matteo Rosellini

M.Sc in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology (Milan)

Research Project: Molecular Mechanisms of Intoxication by Plastic Compounds on Liver Cytochrome P450 Monooxygenases




Eric Schwegler

M.Sc. in Biomedical Chemistry (Mainz)

Research Project: Biomedical Studies &Temporality of Neglected Tropical Diseases




Tamara Schwertel

B.A. in Sociology (Frankfurt a. M.)

M.A. in Sociology (Frankfurt a. M.)

Research Project: Akteurskonstellationen der Tiefe Hirnstimulation



Dennis Wilke

M.A. in Sociology

Research Project: Situational Illness Experiences of Children and Adolescents with Cancer. An Ethnographic Study