10 PhD fellowships by Johannes Gutenberg University and University Medical Center Mainz starting April, 2020

The application deadline for the next round ended on October 13.

Starting April 2020, we are offering 10 fully-funded DFG PhD fellowships for graduates of life sciences and the humanities as well as medicine students.

As a joint research training group by Johannes Gutenberg University and University Medical Center Mainz, our graduate school is one of a kind and offers the possibility to research innovative and highly relevant topics in the area of life sciences and the humanities.

Due to our highly interdisciplinary faculty, we offer the possibility of earning a doctoral degree in different fields of life sciences and the humanities, such as American Studies, History, Philosophy and Ethics of Medicine, Cultural Anthropology, German Studies, History, Medicine, Sociology, Philosophy, Psychology, Pharmaceutical Biology and Molecular Biology.

Our graduate school offers a structured research and qualification program, mentoring by highly reknown researchers and individual career planning both in and out of academia.

Successfull candidates will receive a three-year DFG PhD fellowship of currently 1.468 €. Additional support for researchers with children is available (for further information please contact Sarah Schmidt). The fellowships are based at Johannes Gutenberg University and University Medical Center Mainz.

Application deadline: October 13, 2019

Interviews will take place in calendar week 47 in Mainz.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which references should I include? Do I need reference letters from my university?

Please include any relevant official references (such as relevant employment certificates, Diploma/Master certificate) as well as contact details of two academic referees. These referees do not need to provide reference letters, but should be able to give more information on your academic vitae and should have agreed to be contacted during the application process. You do not need specific reference letters from your university.


How should I submit my application?

Please submit your application online via our application page (the user interface is in German, but both applications in English and German can be uploaded there). If you're not a German native speaker and therefore don't feel comfortable using the application page, you can also submit your application via mail to If you submit your application via mail, please make sure to include the reference number 50065927 in the subject line.


Do I have to write my dissertation in English?

No, you can write your dissertation in German or English, depending on your own background and discipline.


I'm a German native speaker. Should I submit my application in German or English?

Please submit your application in German. Nevertheless, you can submit an exposé in English if your academic discipline requires a dissertation in English. You'll find the German call for application on our online application page.


Do I need German language skills to participate in the program?

Our graduate school is partly in German and partly in English. To benefit from our program, sufficient German language skills are necessaray. If you do not have the necessary German language skills at the beginning of your fellowship, we'll expect you to acquire them in the first year. Nevertheless, it is possible to write your dissertation in English.


How much is the fellowship?

The fellowship amounts to 1.468 € per month.


Can I have an additional income?

The DFG allows an additional income of 6.000 € per year. Any income above that will be deducted from the fellowship.