Anna Sophie Herrmann

I received my degrees in political science and in clinical and organizational psychology from the University of Mainz. My particular interest in trauma research was furthered by a year-long stint in the Psychology Honors Program at the University of Haifa, while taking part in the Summer Institute in Political Psychology at Stanford University sparked my enthusiasm for interdisciplinary research. In addition to participating in the GRK, I am currently training as a psychotherapist at the University Medical Center.

an amazing opportunity for all participants to think out of the box of their particular discipline in order to explore the human experience from an interdisciplinary perspective. The challenges our society faces in the biomedical age must be met by an approach that integrates perspectives from the life sciences and the humanities, complementing and enriching each other.

to continue working on socially relevant questions at the intersection of research and clinical practice in a _MG_1885setting that allows for an ongoing interdisciplinary discourse, whether that may be in the academy, the public service or a non-governmental organization. For the immediate future, my goal is to engage in a dialogue with my fellow participants that will enable us to truly enrich each others research projects and GRK experience.

“Tracing Trauma in Narrative” will investigate the effects of early life emotional trauma through narrative in psychosomatic patients, putting a focus on mentalization.