Oliver Kuchenbuch


I studied Philosophy and Cognition Science at the University of Freiburg. Later on I graduated in Interdisciplinary Anthropology at the University of Freiburg as well. So I can be considered as a field-working philosophical anthropologist. During my recent studies I had the possibility to learn a lot about Physical Anthropology and to get valuable insight in the work of molecular biologists. My philosophical emphasis lay - and still lies - on German post-Kantian Philosophy, particularly on the work of Friedrich Nietzsche.


…one step further from interdisciplinarity towards transdisciplinarity in research. It will be highly interesting to develop new perspectives on biological phenomena.


…to gain a deeper understanding of the methods and approaches of clinical research. I am open to new scientific pathways and ambitious to learn a lot during my time at the GRK. I want to work issue-driven, regardless of disciplinary boundaries.


...investigates the normative and anthropological implications of the systems of biology approach and epigenetic research on the Philosophy of Medicine and medical narratives. These quite new biological perspectives are interested in the interaction of the genome, the cell and the environment and to put their emphasis on biological aspects that have long be ignored, like the 98,8 % of non-coding DNA, DNA- methylation or histon modification. An issue of huge interest is the heredity of such epigenetic modifications due to environmental reasons. This whole topic leads towards questions about the responsibility of individuals and their way of dealing with their own distinctive genetic potential.


Contact: Oliver.Kuchenbuch@uni-mainz.de