Jonas Müller

Research Project: A Narrative Perspective on Climate Change and Ontological Stability (working title) (Link).

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Alfred Hornung (Obama Institute for Transnational American Studies)

BACKGROUND: I studied American Studies in Mainz and Chico, CA. As someone with a wide variety of research interests, American Studies allowed me to explore a number of different fields such as contemporary music production, American history and global warming, as well as life writing. Additional areas of research I am passionate about include food culture and political economy.

THE GRK IS... an opportunity to continue pursuing my interests across disciplines, broaden my horizon and meet researchers working in a diverse array of academic fields.

MY GOAL IS... to synthesize ecocritical theory, life writing, as well as sociological and economic approaches in order to develop an understanding of why thinking about the climate crisis presents us with a seemingly insurmountable challenge.

MY PROJECT... inquires into how the climate crisis impacts mental health and challenges our understanding of ecology, self and society.