GRK-Alumni 2014-2017


CeciliaCecilia Colloseus

M.A. in Cultural Anthropology, Musicology, Theology (Mainz)
Research Project: "Narrating Birth: A Multidimensional Approach to the Retrospective Dealing with the Boundary Experience of Childbirth"






Ahmet Göksu

M.A. in Islamic Philology, Islamic Studies and Law (Mainz)
Research Project: "Cultural Collisions of Islamic Philosophical Traditions and Decisions in Modern Bioethics"





Halder 2

Anirban Halder

B.A. in English (St. Stephen's College, Delhi, India),
M.A. in Comparative Literature (Western University, Canada)
Research Project: "Chronic Illnesses and the Question of Political Pain in Contemporary Fiction and Film"






Miriam Halstein

Medical Student (Mainz)
Research Project: "Preterm Birth - A Qualitative Interview Study about Experiences of Parents Who Have a Preterm-Born Child"






Anna Sophie Herrmann
B.A. in Political Science (Mainz),
Dipl.-Psych. in Clinical and Organizational Psychology (Mainz)
Research Project: "Tracing Trauma in Narrative: The Effects of Complex Childhood Trauma on Mentalization"





Julia Hollmann (geb. Weiss)


Research  Project: Eating Disorders






Chunlan Hong-2

Chunlan Hong

B.A. Chinese Medicine (Hefei, China),
M.A. Chinese Medicine (Hangzhou, China)
Research project: "Therapeutic Intervention in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder with Traditional Chinese Medicine"





Alena Kunkel

Alena Kunkel

M.A. in Sociology, Culture Studies, Slavonic Studies (Göttingen, Mainz)
Research Project: "Expertise and Existence: Re-Telling Stories in Forensic Psychiatry"




Bild Janine Naß Kopie

Janine Naß

state-examined pharmacist (Mainz)
Research Project: "Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms and Traumatic Life Events: Predictions for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder"





Julia Reichenpfader

Julia Reichenpfader

M.A. in German Language and Literature, Gender Studies, Social Policy (Göttingen)
Research Project: "Opened Female Bodies: Body Modification and Its Impact in Texts by German-Language Female Writers"






Ruth Steinberg

M.A. in English and American Literature (Konstanz and Augsburg)
Research Project: "Deconstructing the Self – Reconstructing Society? Organ Harvesting in Dystopian Fiction"






Laura Schnieder

M.A. in Sociology (Frankfurt)
Research Project: "Experimental Subjects in Clinical Pharmaceutical Research in Germany"