Miriam Halstein

BACKGROUND: A_089120-2
I am a student of medicine at Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz, Germany, now finishing my 4th year. Since I take great interest in international experiences, I completed a one-month clinical elective in Santa Rosa, CA, USA and another in Raxaul, Bihar, India.

a great opportunity to work with individuals from different backgrounds and to gather different aspects from their specialties. The GRK creates a multi-dimensional discourse and does justice to the complexity of the topics presented.

to broaden my own perspectives through the transdisciplinary character of the GRK, to receive and to give inspiration in our discussions, to get a taste of different academic subjects and experience their ways of arguing and thinking.

is about the experiences and narrations of parents, who have a child born preterm. I am going to collect these narratives through qualitative interviews and analyze them with an emphasis on the psychological aspects.

CONTACT: miriam.halstein@uni-mainz.de