Eric Schwegler

BACKGROUND: I studied Biomedical Chemistry in Mainz: My studies comprised both the synthesis of drugs and their mode of action on a molecular level. During my Master Thesis, I focussed on drug development for Neglected Tropical Diseases. They became my main research interest when I realised their fatal impact on people in development countries.

THE GRK IS… a forum for young researchers which favours networking, exchange of ideas and critical reflection of the own topic in an interdisciplinary environment.

As a member of the GRK with a natural scientific background, I want to contribute ideas and a natural scientific point of view on other members’ projects where it may be required.

MY GOAL IS… to combat Neglected Tropical Diseases.

MY PROJECT… will comprise new therapeutic approaches and an interdisciplinary description of kinetoplastid diseases as a basis for person-centered therapies and disease control.


More Information: Article in the JGU Magazin about the research of Prof. Ute Hellmich and Eric Schwegler