Victoria Paul

Research Project: On the Concept of Chronic Illness and its Ethical Implications Using the Example of Chronic Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD) (Link).

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Norbert W. Paul (Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz)

BACKGROUND: Before coming to the GRK, I studied Comparative Literature and Philosophy at Free University of Berlin and University of Oldenburg with a primary focus on German Idealism. During my studies at University of Oldenburg, I worked as a teaching assistant in the department of philosophy and as a a student assistant at the Hannah Arendt-Archive. Further, I gained experience in empirical research at the MPI for empirical aesthetics in Frankfurt. Due to my interest in medicine, I participated in reading circles between medical students and students of philosophy, which leads me to my current project.

THE GRK IS… a research program, which offers a great opportunity to analyze liminal experiences of human life from different perspectives. Due to its interdisciplinarity, it provides a unique environment for vivid discussions and fruitful exchanges between scholars of various disciplines, which enriches my project tremendously.

MY GOAL IS… to unfold various perspectives on the concept chronic disease, especially on chronic inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD). By doing so, I aim to broaden the current understanding of the concept chronic disease.

MY PROJECT... explores the concept of chronicity from an applied phenomenological perspective. Using IBD as an example, the different structures of the experience of chronic illness are illuminated. Medical and life-world perspectives are mediated with each other.