Ahmet Göksu

I am a graduate in Islamic Philology, Islamic Studies and Law from Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz. Since 2005, when I began my studies in Mainz, I have gained experience in scientific research at the Institute for History, Philosophy and Ethics of Medicine at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz. After my graduation in 2011, I started my first project “Perceptions of risk and preventative strategies with respect to cardiovascular diseases in people of Turkish migrant background in Germany“ at the Institute. I used this opportunity to expand my knowledge in the field of Intercultural Ethics and now I want to further contribute to this field from the perspective of Islamic Philosophy.

a unique chance for me to include my interdisciplinary doctoral project in such an extraordinary concept. The diversity of opportunities offered by the GRK to advance my project and the excellent support are the two most important advantages for me that make the work in this team exceptional. I hope for very fruitful cooperation with my new colleagues.

to illuminate an area of the intercultural ethics that has been hardly explored, namely the angle of Islamic Philosophy. Through this angle, I wish to elaborate on the wishes and fears of people and their families with Muslim migrant background. My research will be helpful for doctors and nursing personnel to recognize and respect the specific cultural and religious setting of their patients.


has the title: “Cultural collisions of Islamic philosophical traditions and decisions in modern bioethics.“ With this study, I want to elaborate and analyze Islamic Philosophy and jurisprudence regarding the challenges presented by modern bioethics. At the same time, the fundamental principles of Islamic Philosophy will give intercultural ethics a new impetus.


CONTACT: goeksu@uni-mainz.de