Chunlan Hong

BACKGROUND: Chunlan Hong-2

I am a graduate student of Chinese medicine. I received my M.A. degree in Zhejiang Chinese medical university and B.A. degree in Anhui university of Chinese medicine in China. My education and academic research mainly focus on Chinese medicine and TCM's basic theories, seven years study and three years research. Besides, I am also passionate about volunteering and social practice. So I am a combination of a traditional Chinese with a modern and open mind. My participation in the transdisciplinary interaction of the GRK is a good opportunity for me to make TCM open to the world.

a platform for all members to share new ideals and knowledge to solve urgent questions of human beings. I see many relations to the practice and "harmony" concept in old Chinese culture. In the GRK, different disciplines and cultures will spark and open up new research areas.

On the one hand, I want to continue my study on TCM and Chinese medicine and find out new approaches to urgent questions with my knowledge of TCM and Chinese traditional culture. On the other hand, I want to make some contribution to proving the ethical role of Chinese medicine for human health care._MG_1892

is an "Application of TCM Theories to the Treatment of Extreme Borderline Experiences in Human Life." On the one hand, TCM theories represent a good reflection and combination of traditional culture, natural science, social science and life science, which can provide new dimensions to theoretical medicine and philosophy in western countries. On the other hand, TCM theories can guide clinical practice with Chinese medicine by providing complementary treatment approaches in addition to drug therapy, psychotherapy and other therapies of western medicine. Therefore, my project will mainly focus on classical textbooks of TCM theories and elaborate experiences and recommendations of ancient TCM scholars to treat symptoms related to extreme borderline experiences and how to apply these theories of treatment from Chinese medicine and acupuncture. In other words, I'm interested in exploring ways to integrate TCM into western medicine.