Sonja Kleinod

BACKGROUND: I studied philosophy and sociology at Goethe University Frankfurt where I gained interest in critical theories and thinking at the margins of disciplines and topics, such as political economy, psychoanalysis, theories of subjectivity and society, and concepts of life in philosophy and the sciences. After my graduation with a thesis in political philosophy, I worked at several research institutions as lecturer, science communicator and research associate.

THE GRK IS... an extraordinary academic constellation in which researchers from seemingly far apart areas overcome disciplinary boundaries and that enables unconventional discourse and knowledge production.

MY GOAL IS... to pursue my research in an inspiring environment that brings together different disciplinary perspectives. I seek to learn from other’s approaches to “life”, and collaborate, exchange, and chat with fellow researchers.

MY PROJECT... is concerned with the ecological and political crisis associated with the notion of the Anthropocene. It focusses on concepts and models of life at the intersection of the sciences and humanities to address the epistemological dimensions of these crises and the lack of imagination of living beyond the nature/culture-dualism.