Bernd Marquardt


I have studied Sociology, Philosophy, Political Science and Computer Science in Frankfurt, Konstanz & Coventry (UK) and finished all these studies with their respective degree. After graduating, I worked for little over a year at the Institut of Sociology at the Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main. My academic & research training in Sociology has been so far focused on Qualitative Methodology, Sociology of Medicine/ Family/ Art/ Religion/ Knowledge.


…a scientific “think tank“ adressing academically challenging subjects of life science and life writing by clustering expertise, providing state-of-the-art facilities over a given time, enabling possibilities of interdisciplinary scientific training and invention; the joint venture of agents from social sciences, humanities and natural sciences asking questions and working on finding answers.


…to participate in our frequent discussions in seminars and at the communication zone on our working place, to establish an efficient interdisciplinary working sphere, to get to know different ways of thinking and academic subjects as well as most importantly: to have fun.


…theorizes special birth passages and areas of parental agency by using a qualitative framework and aims at understanding contemporary tendencies of the discourse I call “having children in the societies we used to call the West“.