Prof. Dr. Michael Simon

I studied Ethnology, Linguistics and European Ethnology (Volkskunde) at Münster University, Germany. There I obtained my doctoral degree with a thesis about name giving practices in Westfalia from the 17th to the 20th century. I stayed at Münster University until 1997, when I got my „venia legendi” for European Ethnology (Volkskunde). This was awarded following research I conducted about some older surveys of folk medicine in the early 20th century (ADV). After that I worked as a researcher at the Institute for Saxon History and Culture in Dresden. Since 2000 I have been a Professor for Cultural Anthropology at Mainz University.

a platform to discuss with colleagues from different disciplines and to develop your personal research contacts. It is also a good opportunity for junior scientists to develop their own research interests.

to learn more about the physical side of people and to share my knowledge about mans cultural being with colleagues at the GRK.

I received a grant from the German Research Foundation and I am now working on esoteric healing in rural areas in Germany. Furthermore, I have a project in the field of disaster research (on the 1954 Blons avalanche).

CONTACT: Institut für Film-, Theater- und empirische Kulturwissenschaft